We strive for eliminating risk and ensuring peace of mind at the time of moving goods either by sea, air or land or combination of the three with loading and unloading along the way. However, sometimes the unexpected can happen. We help in insuring your goods comprehensively against any accidental damage or loss. The policy offers “All Risks” coverage from door to door. This will cover partial loss or damage of a shipment, including damage due to riots, war and terrorism at sea and in the air, and breakage, should it occur. You can arrive at the insurance value by providing detailed inventory of all your personal effects and value them at the amount it would cost to replace them at your destination. Don’t undervalue your goods-if you do, at the time of settling your claim, the amount will likely be scaled down. In case of any damage or loss, when you receive the consignment, please notify our coordinator immediately. You will be given a claim form and instructions to follow for completion of your claim. We will follow up till your claim is settled.

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