We offer Warehouse storage around 4000 sqft facility for personal effects as well as office effects. Our storage unit has sufficient amount of space for all of your items. The storage unit is clean and secure. We offer door-to-door service for storing your consignment. It starts from survey at your residence, packing, transporting to our storage unit, storage as long as you wish, to deliver them when you want them back. We also arrange for storage insurance to cover theft, fire, etc. We suggest you to avoid storing valuables and antiques.In today’s world, with different practices being done amidst big competition, clear categorization is important and mandatory for every business. Warehousing & storage of documents becomes a vital part and is a specialized job we do with our best category of people to maintain safety and security before moving.

Starting from document collection, digital archiving, bar-coding, scanning, media storage and secure destruction – we do and show great care of all the actions that would be involved in warehousing and storage. For storage, we use wooden lift vans & loose storage, Precision weighing equipment, pallet trucks, trolleys and other full loading equipment in addition to document storage services.

We employ and ensure our protection systems work 24×7 to stay completely safe in the warehouse or in storage. All the tasks from packing to moving all your essential belongings, we make it less tedious for you and follow a strategic process to become easy and convenient for you.

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